by Renee Yeoman

Recently I’ve seen quite a few photos like this…

and this…

Of course, these sort of things beyond frustrate me for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost is that these statements are nothing short of lies.  Sure, if you rely on fast food restaurants to eat healthy, you’re looking at spending a bit more money.  However, if you’re not counting on Burger King, you can eat an entire day’s worth of healthy food for less than the cost of the $7 salad in the second picture. Don’t believe me, let’s take a look!

BREAKFAST (The costs of all these foods are based on prices I pay currently at the following grocery stores: Walmart, Winco, Trader Joe’s, Macey’s)

1 dozen eggs $1.00 (Sometimes you can get them for $.78 a dozen at Macey’s!) 4 eggs/serving $.33/serving 3 egg serving/ $.25/serving

Quaker Gluten Free Oats 18 oz (13 servings) $2.88 $.22/serving

Rolled Oats 42 oz (30 servings) $2.48 $.08/serving

So, even if you’re gluten free like me, a healthy homemade breakfast can cost you only .55 cents!

Celiac approved/Gluten Free Breakfast $.55

If you aren’t celiac like me, that brings it to a whopping $.41 Breakfast!



Almonds- 100 Calorie Packs  $3.44 (7 servings) $.49/serving

15oz Bag Baby Carrots $1.58 (5 servings) $.32/serving

Snack $.81



1 pound of chicken breast $1.99 $.50/4oz

1 pound of spinach $4.00 $.80/serving

Lunch $1.30



Apples $1.19/lb (Winco & Sprouts often have them for $.88/lb) we’ll base this on an apple that weighs 5 ounces- 1 serving $.39/serving

1 Jar Adam’s Peanut Butter (32 servings) $5.84 $.18/serving

Snack $.57



12oz bag frozen shrimp $7.96 (3oz serving) $1.99/serving

15oz can Black Beans $.72 (3.5 servings) $.21/serving

16oz Brown Rice $.82 (9 servings) $.09/serving

2lb Green Beans $4.98 (8 servings) $.62/serving

Dinner with meat $2.91

Vegetarian Dinner with complete protein $.92


Three meals, plus two snacks.  All whole, healthy, clean foods.  Gluten free, dairy free and won’t break the bank! TOTALING $6.14

An entire day’s worth of food and it’s still less than the “healthy” salad from a fast food restaurant. So, don’t let the fast food companies fool you!  Eating healthy DOES NOT have to be expensive!  You can eat well, and fuel your body on a budget!


Other items that are packed with nutrition that won’t break the bank:

Keep in mind you will always pay more for convenience foods.  Anything packaged in single serving/individual packages will cost more than bulk.   Look for great deals on items in bulk bins at stores like Winco, Good Earth & Sunflower Market (in Utah, or your local grocery that offers bulk items): Dried Beans, Rice, Lentils, Oats, Barley, Peas, Nuts, Seeds.

I find great deals on produce and canned or pre-packaged items at Trader Joe’s, but also shop around at Walmart, Costco, Macey’s and Winco.  Here are a few low cost items that are staples in my basket: Corn Tortillas, Puffed Rice Cereal, Fresh Vegetables, Fresh in season Fruit, Frozen Fruit, and Hummus!

Now, go out there and find yourself a healthy meal (not at McDonald’s)!

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