Client Testimonials

Teresa R

"I've done every diet in the book. I've done every workout that has been made into a DVD. I was part of the Beachbody craze. Nothing worked. Nothing. I've worked out for the past 10 years, maybe more. Either way, I never knew what to do. What I thought was right, usually wasn't. Everyone is different. You can take two people and have them do the same thing day after day and you will see different results. Being with Renee has taught me how to be confident. She is more than just a trainer. She is a friend and a big supporter. If you feel as if you are failing she will make sure to snap you out of that. She actually cares and has so much motivation to share with people that it's unbelievable. Renee has always worked with me and understood my struggles. Working with her tops anything I have ever tried. You get results with her. Not just another DVD for your collection."

Katherine W

"Nobody has taught me to be proud of myself more than Renee! Making exercise fun, helping me talk about goals, laughing, and teaching me how to be proud about even my small accomplishments. This is what makes her so unique as a trainer- she trains you how to love yourself and love your body too (not just your *future* body).

Kate L

"Renee and I have been working together for almost 8 months. I've had a lifetime of not loving my body and I've learned not to look at the scale because that just upsets me so when she asked what my goals were...I just told her I didn't want to look at numbers, I didn't care about weight loss, I just wanted to be stronger, get my butt back and feel better physically. In that time I've gained a butt, arms that don't jiggle, shapelier legs with thighs that I can flex, a much smaller waist, a much firmer body overall, gorgeous shoulders that I show off whenever I can, better balance and coordination..but what I've gained that is even more important (and unexpected) is confidence (I actually went to the pool this summer without feeling the need to RUSH to my towel to cover myself up) and a new sense, understanding and reverence for my body and how it works. Through all this work I've learned to be kinder to myself and be okay with the limits I have at that moment knowing that with practice..I will get there. None of this would have been possible without Renee. I've had multiple trainers in my lifetime and none have taken such a genuine personal interest in my success while always being sensitive and understanding of my limitations and empathy about how life can get in the way of our goals..and that's okay...just keep going. Every day at the gym with her is a day I know will be a good day. Added bonus of her being very knowledgeable about food sensitivities/autoimmune disease which is supremely helpful when building your meal plan if you are one of us lucky people."

Julia M

"I had the privilege of being able to work with Renee for a few months. Previous attempts at improving my fitness were impaired by poor dietary practices. Renee provided me with an effective plan, and with her guidance and encouragement I was able to give 100%. Finally, I was able to see the changes I had always hoped for. I was eating healthier than ever before and I reached the lowest weight and body fat percentage I had seen in nearly 20 years. You won't regret working with Renee!"

Melissa T

"Love the work I do with Renee and the support she gives me in all aspects of my fitness journey. After 2 babies and years of struggling between diets and defeat I am finding so much hope, and confidence, with Renee as my trainer. She is a wonderful woman, trainer, and friend. My husband is a fan because he can see the many ways my life is changing with her guidance. Thanks Renee!"