by Renee Yeoman

I’ve heard it time and time again, “I ate (Chick-fil-a, Cookies, Pizza, Nothing at all) because it was time to eat and I didn’t have food with me!” Lack of being prepared will bite you in the rear end every time when it comes to food.  It’s easy to give in to whatever junk food is around us when we’re hungry.  The key is in being prepared, which might be hard if you’re not accustomed to weekly meal prep.

Tip#1  Pick a day for meal preparation

Look at your schedule and decide which day/days are best suited for scheduling yourself time to cook then write out time on your calendar each week to cook & make meals that are ready to go for the week.

Tip#2 Invest in a slower cooker

Buy a crock pot, instant pot, rice cooker or all three!  Being able to throw a large amount of meat, beans, rice, etc. into a pot and walk away will greatly improve your life!  Not only does this cut active cooking time down, but you can cook large amounts of food and then freeze meal size portions for easier meal prep during the following week.

Tip#3 Carry snacks

Throw some non-persihable healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds, protein bars, or turkey jerky into your bag or glove compartment so that if you do find yourself without food at meal time you have better options than that doughnut in the front office!





Just like making time to exercise, making time to prepare healthy food is important for success! Now get to the grocery store and get cooking!  You’ve got this!



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